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1999 Chevy Suburban in heat!

I have a 1999 Chevy Suburban with the 5.7 ltr Vortec engine.

My problem is this: Mostly on mornings when it is warm and humid it will crank and immediately die. It is just like you turned the key off as soon as the engine started. This may go on for as long as an hour (or until you call it everything but a Chevy! ) or it may only do it a couple of times before starting and running fine. Once it does start, you are good the rest of the day.

You can hear the fuel pump do it’s thing when you turn the key on and there is not a check engine light staying on at anytime. It is not a problem you can reproduce either.

What is my problem?!?!?!?!

It’s possible the engine temp sensor is faulty.

I notice there are several “temp” sensors on this vehicle. Any specific one?

I noticed the SECURITY light staying on this time! Could that have something to do with it?

This is a sympton of the security sympton operating but not operating correctly. There is a heap of info on the Web about the Pass-Lock2 system (including on how to by-pass it). One of the sites is very well written with very good pictures. I would suggest you read (google pass-lock2) and if you feel you are on to something but still need some further explaination I will be happy to explain.

I do like to motivate people to read and reasearch for themselves and then if things are still not clear help out. It’s a little like giving a man a fish or teaching him to fish. It’s always better if you put some effort on your own into becomming informed.

Perhaps others will just layout the complete pass-lock debacle for you and I have no argument with them if they choose to do so.

Problem solved! It was a bad wiring job with an aftermarket alarm system that the previous owner had installed and then cut out. We repaired the factory wiring and everything is good now! Thanks for everyone’s help.

Do you see how the “humid morning” information should have been ommited? I have seen this "does it only when it is hot,cold,humid,dry,snowing,wind blowing etc info cause a lot more harm than do good. And then the really important info about the previous alarm you left out.

Hey Old School - I provided the information I felt was necessary. The “previous alarm information” was something I did not know existed. I noticed you didn’t think the “humid morning” info should have been omitted until after the problem was solved. If you were the car person you act like you are,you should have picked up on that the first time around. Bug Off!
Sorry Click and Clack for venting a bit about know it alls. I was asking for help, not a lecture!