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Cenex fuel

My definition of “about” is “plus or minus 5%.”


My exhaust certainly smells sweeter after I start car in morning since I park in garage. It’s easy to get a whiff of exhaust as I back out. I wish I had an unattached garage. I rarely use e85. Warm garage/cold outside. The cold air rolls across floor when I open door.

Well interestingly, my local Mobil where I have been a loyal customer for 40 years or more, just sold out to COOP. So it will either stay Mobil or be converted to Cenex. Biggest thing for me is thats where I get my non-oxy gas for my small engines. Cenex is big on gasahol.

E85 is $1.77 in NW mn at the cenex station. Lowest price in nation. Woohoo.

It’s E85, who cares, and who really wants it?

E85… The only fuel where you can wake up in the morning with more then you went to sleep with the night before. Of course the added “fuel” will be water but who cares ? Your motor might. I guess the plan is to completely eliminate small engines with carbs from the market.

The plan is to line the pockets of people with a financial stake in ethanol and its raw materials.

Oh-oh, we’re getting into political comments. I just wanted to brag a little about spending <$2 on fuel. And I don’t even use it.

Don’t let anyone tell you that oil companies create jobs. Oil companies don’t create jobs. Oh wait, that was someone else’s speech.

I understand if there is anger at oil companies, corporations, and businesses. I get angry too if I think I’m being taken advantage of. But really, its the same company that sold it for $4.50 a couple years ago is now selling it for $2.85 or less. Seems like if they had total control then, they would still be selling it for $4.50. No? Maybe it really is a world market with less price controls than we thought.

Then on the other hand, I’ve got a feeling if you checked your 401K’s and retirement or mutual funds, you’d find out you are an oil company owner and the pockets being lined are your own.

thank goodness you are still meandering into important socio-economic discussions here. I don t want to come back and be the only one who wanders…

E85 makes pretty good racing fuel. High octane and all. A big problem with its use is the total lack of consistency in the mix. From any pump the amount of ethanol can vary quite a bit with a max of 85% but the minimum could be as low as 70% or so. No problem if your dual fuel car has an ethanol sensor to adjust for the fuel. For carbureted racing cars, this is a massive problem solved by special E85 race gas with exact formulation. For EFI cars with a sensor it is less a problem but still an issue with inconsistent power.

It is a silly bio-fuel, though. Takes too much energy to distill it. Cold-pressed bio diesel from soybeans or rapeseed is the right bio-fuel. The rapeseed lobby is non-existent while the corn lobby is huuuuuuge so you know which one we’ll keep getting

Cellulosic ethanol Is getting closer. That might be an economically sensible ethanol source soon. We probably don’t have enough plant waste to switch to a mostly ethanol fuel base as Brazil has done, but it all adds up to more fuel available at home and for export.

Brazil’s dependence on sugar cane is fairly low (15%) and dropping, they’ve been developing a number of large offshore oil fields.