$8 102 octane

Our mnoco stations sells various blends. This typical pump layout. They have 102 octane gas for $8.22 today.

Actually that $8.22 is cheap for 102 octanne unleaded. Usually $10 - $12 at the race track pumps.

Did you buy a race car?

No race car. Station is on odd side street with little traffic. I never see cars at this station. I am usually only car there 90% of time.

I notice you’ve got a much broader selection of corn squeezins than we do here. I wasn’t even aware there was an E30. We’ve just got your regular 10% ethanol here. A couple of stations have ethanol free - where I buy fuel for small engines. I put ethanol free in the truck on my last tank. I was getting gas for the mower, the truck needed gas, one thing led to another. I’ll check the fuel mileage, but I doubt it’s a noticeable increase.

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this is pic from their website. i dont take pics of gas pumps. there is a 3rd nozzle on the right. 3 for gas. i think there is another pump that has the non oxy gas also. i have picked up the blue nozzle when i wanted yellow gas. annoying. pump ignores you. i had a flex fuel car for a bit. but it was never 30% less than e10 so i never bought it. very few stations in MN have a +30% price swing for e85