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My 5 year old niece is very tidy

I have a 5 year old niece who I was showing how to listen to her recorded messages on my I phone and as she climbed into my front seat to listen, she found a quarter. Without missing a beat she reached over and dropped the quarter into the little slot where my gear shifter is. I heard the coin drop later as I put it into reverse but have no idea if this is giong to damage my Jeep at all? HELP!

This lost treasure will cause no problems. Forget about it.

FWIW, every used car I have ever bought has always yielded a few coins in unlikely places. The gearshift lever area is the most common. Judging from the degree of corrosion, these coins have lived there many years.


Seconded. At most it will settle somewhere and start rattling. If that annoys you too much, you just pop the center console cover off and find it. A few screws is all it would take.

At some point she’ll dump a milkshake down there. Then when someone has to pull it apart to clean out the milkshake you can get the quarter back. In the meantime, make sure she knows what a quarter looks like and how to slip one in her pocket instead.

I agree that it should cause no problems. But if you’d prefer to retreive it, you should be able to find good “exploded view” diagrams along with instructions on removing the console by googling. It’s usually pretty simple, albiet nerev-wracking for someone who’s never removed an interior panel. Just rememeber that all those plastic parts are replacable if you shold happen to break one.

What gear was the car in when she dropped in the quarter? On my car, Drive is $.25, Low and reverse are $.10, and Park is $.05.

If the shifter works o.k., don’t worry about it.