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CD Player Broke in Navigation Unit on 2008 Toyota Sienna

Recently the CD player, which is part of the integrated Navigation System, on our 08 Sienna Minivan stopped working. We think there is a CD stuck inside but are not sure. The local dealership says they can only replace the entire Navigation “box” for $1800. This is a system that includes LCD panel, CD/DVD (for GPS)/radio, etc.

I have Googled for any local automotive radio repair companies but have not had any luck. I did find several out-of-state companies that claim to repair the box when you ship it to them. We would prefer not to go that route though.

At this point we are also looking into the warranty to see if its covered.


I have my doubts that electronics would be covered by Toyota for 5 years. Frankly were I in your position I’d get an mp3 player and rip all my songs to it, and forget I owned a CD player.

Crutchfield has Double Din receivers with Navigation starting at $420 and up. Enter the year, make, model, and optional equipment for the Sienna. I used “JBL” with Navigation for optional equipment. I’m leery of Toyota electronics, the AM/FM CD player needed replacement in my wife’s 06 Sienna the first week she owned it. The Bumper to Bumper warranty in an 06 was 3 yr/36m, check your warranty booklet.

I have XM radio and an Aux input in my car and rarely use the CD player. These days I listen to the radio or plug in an MP3 player instead.

Ed B.

Its always very odd to me what technological “progress” often amounts to. “Progress” for whom? This kind of integration has really big downsides - as you can see.

If I were you I’d also just leave the CD player broken as is. Personally, I don’t like the mp3 route. CDs already lose some aspects of audio quality, and mp3s even more. I’d probably be thinking about an add on 6 disc changer or something like that. A consultation with something like Crutchfield’s advisers would go a long way.

So you options are leave it alone & work around it, or go to the aftermarket for a replacement. The dealer option is always the most expensive (and often not even best) route.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I think built-in navigation and entertainment systems are a terrible idea.

Instead of the $2000 DVD system, you could get 2 $75 portable players for the kids and replace them if they broke for another $75… Instead of the $1800 Nav system, get a $100 Garmin…

IMO, the best auto design for entertainment anymore is simply to have an input jack for an MP3 player. The Sync system on Fords (and similar systems on other cars) isn’t bad, but absolutely no more than that - there’s no need for a Touch screen interface that will only cause problems… and really, there’s no need for a CD player anymore, when CDs as a medium are dying…

CDs already lose some aspects of audio quality, and mp3s even more.

That used to be more true than it is today, but as internet speeds and drive storage have both increased, it’s pretty rare to find a 64 or even 128k mp3 in the wild. A 196k mp3 has been tested to be very close to CD-quality. A 256k or a 320k mp3 is indistinguishable from a CD, and that’s in tests involving an acoustically-designed room with a high-fidelity sound system. You won’t find such listening conditions in your car, no matter how much sound insulation you have.

there's no need for a Touch screen interface that will only cause problems

Except that fiddling with an mp3 player while driving is not only somewhat dangerous, but in some states it’s illegal. It’s better to have control of the mp3 player through the vehicle’s stereo system, both for safety and to keep you from breaking the law.

@shadowfax… but that mp3 player need not be connected through a touch screen, which is no less distracting than using the player itself. Any iPod integration (or similar) system would work fine, where it lets you control the system from the steering wheel controls.

Quite true. I was referring to original equipment, however. In a lot of new cars, you either get touch screen mp3 integration as part of the GPS/technology package, or you get nothing. And the iPod integration is only useful for people who buy Apple products :wink: