CD Changer on Nissan Murano

I have a Nissan Murano 2006 that I bought six months ago. Everything worked fine. Now my CD changer does not work and I cannot reset or reject the CDs which are my favorite. The car was bought in Hawaii and I am now in Munich, Germany. The Nissan dealership cannot repair or just unwilling to try. I gave some tips I found online such as remove the battery and the changer would reset. The car was returned not repaired and a charge of 75 Euros.
They wanted to sell a new unit for 700, but the radio and tape player works just fine. How do I take out my CD´s (favorite)??
Is there a suggestion on how to reset and or remove CDs?
Last but not least, I plan to have a unit built in to use my iPhone to hear my music. The cost is only 120.
Thank you in advance!
Brooklyn Bob

When the factory unit is removed to install the iPhone unit, that factory unit can be disassembled to retrieve the CDs. I did this for my brother when the factory CD changer jammed up.