Cavalier CV axle replacement

2 basic questions. First, I have a 2001 5-speed manual. I don’t have to worry about this extra “stub shaft” part I keep hearing horror stories about, do I? I expect to not encounter any C-clips, snap-rings or anything other than the 2 axles down there when I pull them out. Right or wrong?
Second - I also keep hearing conflicting info on whether I will need an alignment after I am done. Need as in required, not optional, must-have, not should-be-done, or you probably should. I guess it differs from model to model depending on what was disconnected.


I would suggest at least a Haynes Manual for advice, and/or some Youtube videos (beware of quality-of-advice issues there.) The new CV axle doesn’t mean an alignment is necessary, if you get the necessary suspension parts out of the way and back in place undamaged. Good luck.

Only with the steering components…tie rod end.

As long as the tie rod end isn’t loosened and turned, the vehicle doesn’t need an alignment.


Of course!