Changing rear sway bar end links - requires alignment?

My car is a 2000 Corolla CE.

If I replace the rear sway bar end links, do I need to get an alignment? (I just got an alignment 2 days ago).

Here is a DIY on replacing the rear sway bar end links:

The top attaches to the strut…what is the bar the other end attaches to?

I don’t think the sway bar links have anything to do with vehicle alignment.

Sway bar links, be they front or rear, don’t effect the alignment.



The only time you need an alignment is if you disturb the steering linkage or suspension mounting points…

nope. install and drive

Does getting your tires balanced also require an alignment?

The reason I ask is that when you buy new tires and they balance and install it, they always do an alignment.

Does getting your tires balanced also require an alignment?

No. New tires cost several hundred dollars. Keeping your vehicle aligned…means the tires will last longer. So it’s good to get an alignment every now and then.

My front left CV axle was leaking so I replaced both front CV axles.

I took it back to firestone and asked if I need a new alignment. They said no because the tie-rods, although disconnected from the control arm, were not removed and that the adjustment was in the tie-rods.

But I think they had to disconnect the steering knuckle from the strut to get the axle out, so I think it definitely it affects the wheel toe/camber.

Is firestone right? Also, a little bit of the transmission fluid leaked out when the mechanic removed the front axles…do I need to put that back in? The mechanic said no need.

I’d have them check the alignment. That’s quick to do and should be less expensive than doing an alignment. And they certainly should check the transmission fluid level.

If the old tires wore evenly and lasted as long as I expected them to and there are no driving issues, then I would recommend against getting an alignment. There is the risk that the alignment tech will do more damage than good.

As for the axles, typically they remove either the tie rods, the strut, or the lower ball joint from the steering knuckle, but only one of them, not two or all three. So if they disconnected the tie rods, then they did not disconnect the struts. And the mechanic was correct in this case.