Transferring the stub shaft to a new CV axle

So I got the cv axle out of my car and noticed that the new part doesn’t have the splined shaft that goes into the transmission.

The product page for the part says I have to transfer the stub shaft to the new part. I can’t seem to find any videos or advice on how to do this.
What in the world do I do now?

Picture of the old and new parts

Got it. Sorry to spam.
For anyone googling later trying to find out how to:

Transfer stub shaft
Transfer stub shaft cv axle
Transfer stub shaft cv joint
Remove stub shaft
Remove stub shaft cv axle
Remove stub shaft cv joint

Just wrap a clean towel around the stub shaft on the old axle, clamp it with vice grips, hold the axle up vertically, and tap the tripot of the axle until it falls off and your left holding the stub shaft in your vice grips

Everything I’m seeing indicates you’ve got the wrong part.

Also, if you let us know what the vehicle is, (year/make/model), it goes a long way in helping solve your problem.


I’m also curious about the type of car and the picture along with the stub shaft also makes me wonder about whether you have the wrong part.
I can’t remember, ever, seeing a halfshaft with a removeable stub although most earlier Subarus used stub shafts on the differential with the inner CV joint being splined and pinned with DOJ pins.

There’s also some question about whether you have this car back together and if it actually works.

The car is a 2006 Chevy Malibu. I got the part from Advance, and while I wouldn’t put it past an auto parts store to mess up now and again, the product page indicates this is normal.*16313

Car is back together, and I took it for a 15 minute test drive tonight. It needs an alignment (also replaced a tie rod end), but otherwise it seemed to be riding smoothly and handling fine given the misalignment.

This is a new one on me. It apparently is the correct part.

It looks like there’s a stub remover tool available for GM driveshafts with certain transmissions of this vintage.

Searching for “GM inner stub shaft removal tool” get to a lot of discussion on R&R of the axle shaft stub.