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Alignment or wheel balance?

Hi, I had to replace the front left and right axle. Do I need to get a alignment or wheel balance?


If the axle removals did not require disconnection of the suspension, then no, no alignment and in any case, no wheel balance. I can’t get one of my VW’s axles removed from the car without disconnecting the ball joint via three small bolts from the A-Frame at the bottom of the suspension but some cars may not require this. The ball joint attachment hole diameters have enough clearance to the bolt diameters so that things may not go back together exactly as they were.

Were these the front CV axles or the rear axles? Front axles, no, don’t worry about it. Rear axles, maybe. Depends on the circumstances it was replaced under. I would do it anyway just to be safe. Balancing only has to do with the tires themselves. It has no bearing whatsoever on the axles.

That depends on just how much of the front suspension was disconnected and where it was disconnected at to allow removal of the halfshafts.

The front struts and springs were replace, because the spring broke. Then noticed that both axles needed to be replace. Drove on the highway and at 50/60 mph the car front end was going to the left and kind of jumping.