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Vibrating ac and steering wheel

2002 honda accord ex 4cy 106,000 miles

My ac appears to be working fine. Vents blow cool and warm air. However, when I turn on the ac, I notice that my steering wheel vibrates(not severely but can definitely notice the difference when ac is off…even can see/feel the vibration)and the fan seems louder than usual. The vibration and noise comes and goes while still blowing cool air. I plan to let my girlfriend use this car next month so I want to make sure that everything is ok and safe and she’s not stranded somewhere! Temperature gauge is good with lever is in the middle range.

Is this vibration normal for car with this many miles? what could be causing this?

Timing belt, water pump and drive belt were replaced at 90,000 miles with new coolant. At 105,000 miles, changed battery, plugs, wires, air filter, tires, and all fluid changed except coolant.

thanks for your suggestions!!!

I don’t think this is an unsafe situation. It sounds like the fan motor is either dying on you, or else it is just loose. Either way, when the fan is activated the motor will vibrate and transfer kinetic energy into the surrounding metal so that you feel it in the steering wheel. I would have the fan motor looked at and replaced (or just tightened up).

I just took the car out for a drive to check for other things. I noticed that the steering wheel vibration while ac is on only occurs when I’m stopped at a light. The vibration doesn’t happen while driving. I was thinking maybe more of an idle problem…maybe IACV(??) may need to be cleaned or O2 sensor?

I just took the car put for a drive to check for other things. I noticed that the steering wheel vibration while ac is on only occurs when stopped at a light. The vibration does not occur while driving. Could this be more of an idle problem? Do you think the IACV, O2 sensor, or throttle body being dirty could cause this?

The AC compressor puts a load on the engine every time it cycles on and off. When the compressor turns on I can feel a slight vibration in the steering wheel of my 4-cyl Accord at stop lights, too. It’s done it since new. No big deal.

When the AC compressor cycles on, so do the radiator fans. That’s why it’s louder. When the AC compressor turns off, usually the fans turn off, too, unless the engine is warm and they have to run to cool the radiator.

Both of these things sound normal to me.

OK. If the vibration occurs only (or mostly) when stopped, you probably have a bad motor-mount. Use of A/C would make the problem worse. Have the motor mounts checked, I bet you have one that is bad. Replace both.