Cat thefts less likely with newer cars?

I heard recently that the chance of getting your cat stolen is considerably less if you own a newer car, 2015 +. . Is that true? If so, just curious, anybody know why cat-thieves avoid 2015+ models?

Doubtful in my book. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), vehicles that sit higher off the ground — or high-clearance vehicles — are common targets as they allow thieves easier access to converters. These types of vehicles include trucks, SUVs and vans, although buses and delivery vehicles are also at risk.

Hybrids — and Toyota Priuses in particular — are also a “major target” as their converters tend to be less worn than those of traditional automobiles, the NICB said. AAA also reported that Priuses carry more “hefty amounts” of precious metals than many other models.,vehicles%20are%20also%20at%20risk.

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I don’t have a clue. Not sure how they would handle push button start. Used to be you could just break the ring that locks the wheel and stick a screwdriver in the key slot to start it.

I think it was St. Paul today or yesterday where a guy killed a guy who was trying to steal his converter. I think he’ll need a good lawyer. For property crimes where you are not threatened, you are supposed to just let them take it and call 911. I’d try and get the venue changed though. Temporary insanity. A lot of that going around.

What does that have to do with stealing catalytic convertors ?


The posts were about whether newer cars were easier to steal or not and then the comment about higher ones are easier to steal cats from.

What’s your point?

I think more dogs are stolen than cats.

Nothing in this thread is about whether newer cars are easier to steal, it’s all about the cats.



I see your point. That’s why I’m not a lawyer but like Goldwater said, I hire them (Phi Beta Kappa to be exact).

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