Cat converter stolen

95 4Runner V6 SR5 2WD catalytic converter stolen. Cat converter was bolted only (2 bolt each on front & rear) not welded. I hae been looking for an after market but the sellers want to know if I have OBD1 or OBD2 (?). Several Toyota dealers gave me different answers. Does anyone know? Thank you for your help. Thieves are stealing the cat converter all over California, for now. If you have bolted converter, PLEASE take precaution. It will happen soon in your area.

I want to mention that based on my VIN, the SUV has a production date of February 1995.

Thanks for your info. I’ll be sure to warn my folks in San Diego.

There seems to be a rash of cat converter thefts in all urban areas.

One difference is going to be the added downstream oxygen sensor. The thieves probably clipped the sensor wires. Can you see if you had one or two?

when was yours stolen? (MM/DD/YY), or when did you notice?

Central IL. is having a rash of convertor thefts now. There are 3 different kinds of precious metals in a convertor and precious metal price are skyrocketing, hence, thefts. Lovely isn’t it?

OBD means “on board diagnostics”

They should not ask that question. The cats are not too different. But here is a clue does your car have a o2 sensor before and after the cat? Basically look for a knob with wires before and after your cat converter. If both then odb2 if not odb1. sorry for the issue. talk to a welder.

When you get a new one on have it spot welded in a few places. That’ll slow the thieves down.

A lot of off-road shops in urban areas will modify a catalytic convertor cover designed to protect it during off-road use into something that will protect it from being stolen.

I live in a smaller city with a fair amount of crime. It’s pretty standard when you get your car broken into to go around the pawnshops in town and buy your stuff back. They’ll usually give you a “your stuff” discount. If this just happened, you could try going to the closest place that takes scrap metal and seeing if they’ve got any catalytic convertors matching yours in lately-- if you make it clear you’ll pay them for it and you’re not looking to make trouble for them, there’s a chance you might get yours back for the scrap value.

When you talked with the dealer…did you give them your VIN??? That should tell them EVERYTHING about your vehicle.

Between March 10 & 12, 2008. I parked the 4R on Monday afternoon on the street in front of my house. On Wednesday, I was going to use it but the cat converter is gone. They left the 4 bolts & one of the metal plate attachment (to the pipe).

Your truck is probably OBDI. Look under the hood for the label.
A few cars had OBDII in 1994 & 1995. All vehicle, in the USA, had to have OBDII by 1996.

Yes. One dealer said OBD1, another said OBD2. Strange as it is, Toyota dealers should know, right? Does that tell you something? They are a bunch of idiots. They actually don’t know anything except work there. If the computer doesn’t show it, they don’t know anymore. Most of them don’t even know how to use a parts catalog. They all depend on the computers. What happens when they don’t have access to computers?

They are mostly interested in the PLATINUM. I believe it’s twice the price of GOLD. The cat converter is melted down for the Platinum.

Thanks for the info. I know what a 02 sensor is. I don’t know if I have one or two though, but I will check tonight & let you know tomorrow.

Thanks for the info. I know what an 02 sensor is. I am not sure if I have one or two though, but will check tonight & let you know tomorrow.

That’s incredible. Don’t the police in your town monitor the pawn shops for this kinda stuff?

95 was the changeover year so best would be to check the placard under the hood or the diagnostic connector under the dash to tell. Our 95 Olds is OBD I but requires an OBD II reader to read the codes. Just means you have to go somewhere with the high priced scanning equipment.

Welding the cat will do no good to disarm the thieves. They use portable cut off tools and just cut the pipe. They don’t bother unbolting anything. They especially like the SUV’s with a little more clearance and the park and ride lots. They can have one cut off in under a minute. A house hear just exploded after the copper gas pipe was stolen. No end to what these idiots will do for some drug change.

If we could convert that cat to a dog, it would come back when we called it.

Cat is short for catalytic if followed by converter. It’s mechanics’ talk, or people in the automotive field say it.