37 catalyticonverters cut from North Lincoln dealership's cars

Pretty much a “dog bites man” story, Robert. There is a global pandemic of converter thefts.


37 at one time? More than in an auto partstore.

Yup, takes mere seconds to cut one off… To paraphrase Willie Sutton… they rob car dealers 'cause that’s where all the converters hang…

Did you forget this old story??

I’ll see your 37 converters and raise you 124 rims and tires!


There are ads on craigslist buying catalytic converters, $400 and up. People have had AC units ransacked for the copper. Even a redevelopment house blew up because they harvested the water and gas lines. I don’t think it is going to get better. Olden days f t an’t bolted down, now adays catch as catch can,

Need to git me a battery-powered Sawzaw.

I’d highly recommend it. I bought a 20v li-Ion model that matches the batteries in my other tools. I am amazed at how much power it has. I did a significant home improvement project with it and never had to break out my corded saws-all.


I don’t use rechargeables enough, seems like I am constantly fighting dead batteries. Electric power tools or AA screwdriver for me.

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How many catalytic converters did you cut off on one battery charge? :wink:

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Nothing new here

Thieves like this are wasting oxygen that could be better used by hard working and honest people

They have no redeeming value whatsoever

All they do is make life more difficult for the rest of us

I propose a death penalty for such low lifes

To be carried out the same afternoon

No possibility of appeal

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Cut at least 8 - 2x4s each end … yeah that’s it, 2x4s sure, yeah, on a single charge…

Gotta supplement retirement somehow!

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Having had 2 small exhaust components replaced in the last week for $350 and half an hour of time, I can’t understand the economics.

Yeah, Cats are expensive but so is the labor to get them properly installed.

Who in their right mind would willing risk a year or more in prison for stealing or installing hot parts when you could make so much more and be able to breath “free air” by simply going straight?

And, last I heard “Receiving Stolen Goods” is still a criminal offense and Judges seem to be less inclined to be receptive to the “I thought I was getting a good deal” defense.

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Who in their right mind would willing risk a year or more in prison for stealing or installing hot parts when you could make so much more and be able to breath “free air” by simply going straight?

I have heard the quote\ CRIME DON’T PAY // many time’s over the year’s but if you look at it another way it pay’s big money, not for the crook’s that get caught but for all the people that have to deal with the crook’s. Starting from the police who have to catch them, the jailer’s to hold them. the lawyer’s to defend them, the judge’s to sentence them, back to the jailer’s to keep them. And the biggest share of the money coming from the taxpayer’s,

Thieves got a bit more brazen here in OK a couple of years ago. Right alongside I-35 with a ton of traffic always present in a major college town; and they even scaled the light poles to cut off the lighting.

Same criminals as in Louisiana as Mustangman posted?

This is why they steal cats… $50 to $250 each as scrap. Takes 60 seconds to cut them off.

37 cars, $1850 minimum for less than an hours work.

Gee what’s going on in Lincoln? At least the Fixident and beer thefts were not major. In Minnesota it is illegal to wear a mask in public with some exceptions. Of course now everyone wears one. Amazing how many thieves don’t take advantage of that. I was going into the drug store and a guy I know was coming out with mask and sunglasses. It took me a while to figure out who it was. If you’re going to do the crime, at least mask up, and save us some court costs.

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The people who steal catalytic converters from cars are like the people who destroy perfectly good air conditioners to steal the copper pipe and coils, and the people who tear up vacant houses to steal copper pipes and wire–they are mostly drug addicts who need the money to buy dope. Drug addicts don’t think in terms of cost/benefit analysis, risks of getting caught, criminal penalties, etc. If they aren’t afraid of the negative health consequences of using drugs, and they aren’t afraid of the criminal penalties for being caught with drugs, then they surely aren’t afraid of the potential criminal penalties for trespassing, theft, burglary, etc.

The thieves who steal catalytic converters are probably not in the business of selling used auto parts, and certainly aren’t in the business of repairing cars for other people. These parts are sold as scrap to companies which purchase such items. I believe that most states require some sort of documentation to sell more than a small quantity of scrap metal (other than beverage cans) in order to deter metal theft. For example, here in Arizona, when I have taken scrap metal to be redeemed–as part of my employment duties–I was required to be fingerprinted, the scrap dealer kept a photocopy of my ID, and the payment was by check to the company I worked for. If you are a private individual trying to sell more than a very small quantity of material, payment is by check mailed to your home address after a 30-day waiting period.

People trying to sell stolen car parts, air conditioning coils, copper pipe, or other similar commodities would have to create fake documents in order to get a legitimate scrap dealer to buy their stuff. The laws, in turn, will protect the scrap dealer as long as they make a reasonable attempt to comply with their obligations.

In the late 60’s at least in Sioux Falls, there was always a rash of petty theft this time of year. The state penn was a warm place to spend the winter with board included. The goal was to get just enough time to make it till Spring. We studied it in class. I don’t know if that’s still the case. Beats a tent in the wind and snow.

Every spring we got theft of manhole covers, roving groups the theory.