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ok guy I know this is cartalk but I have a household computer question I have a chrome book the touchpad don’t work anymore. everyone telling me I can use a regular mouse. the problem is I have two old mouse from a couple of old computers the connection are round. and I need a flat connector for (USB) they make a mouse with a flat USB port connector.

The quick answer is yes, and that google is your friend,

My advice is to get a wireless mouse.
The “receiver” plugs into one of your flat USB ports, and a battery-powered wireless mouse is MUCH more convenient to use than a touchpad–IMHO.
And, wireless “mice” are pretty cheap at this point.

Yep. Also wireless mouses. (Which you put a plug into the USB port)

Hi @dripper, you’ve gotten some good advice here, and I hope that sets you in the right direction. However, as you mention, this is the Car Talk forum, so I’m going to close this one. If I can assist you in any other way, please send me a private message. Thanks for your understanding.