Cars without cabin air filters

I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage 1.8liter with a bad ac.
I am having trouble getting decent air to blow through the vents.
Usually replacing the cabin air filter would do wonders but I don’t think this model has one.
Is there some other filter I can clean that would allow for good airflow?

Apparently, it does have one:

If the cabin air filter was not replaced in 18 years,no wonder air is not blowing out of the vents.

Turns out there are no cabin filters on these models.

I messed around with the fan controls and I guess something got unstuck.
Now the air is blowing strong.
Thanks people.
I’ll proceed with trying to refill the refrigerant.

You may be right, but the cabin air filter isn’t always behind the glove box. On the 1998 Buick Regal, access was under the hood. I’m not familiar with your car, but there are at least two places for it.

The first car that I owned that had a cabin air filter was a real pain when it came to replacing that filter. On Outbacks of the 2000-2003/4 vintage, it was necessary to remove the right side of the center console in order to access the filter.

Rather than just looking in the “typical” location for his cabin air filter, I think that the OP needs to find the appropriate info in either the Owner’s Manual or a factory repair manual. It is possible that PDFs can be found online.

If the 2001 Mirage didn’t come with a cabin air filter, why would Autozone be listing and selling them?

The “DE” and “ES” trim levels didn’t come with cabin air filters, only the “LS” trim level came with them.

Mitsubishi was really cheaping-out on their lower-priced models.
Given the nature of volume purchasing, I would venture to say that Mitsu saved a whole… dollar or two… by omitting the cabin air filter on their cheaper trim lines.

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