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Cars with extra wide front seating

Most new cars/suv’s have seats about 19-20 inches wide with cockpit width (door to center stack) of 24 inches or so. I need more room than that to be comfortably.
What cars or suv’s have roomier front seating?

This is one of those things that the internet can’t help with. You are actually going to have to leave the house and set in a vehicle to see how it feels to you.

+1 to Volvo’s post. Comfort cannot be determined except by the individual via the “sit test”.
People may make all sorts of suggestions, but in truth you’re simply going to have to go sit.

My truck measures 23" from the door panel to the console box, the console box flips up for three passenger seating or allowing more space for over sized people but is too old to recommend.

Three passenger front seating is still available on pick-up trucks, visit manufactures web sites for more information.

Full size SUVs have more hip room than smaller vehicles. A Chevy Cruze has 53 inches of hip room while a Tahoe has 61 inches. Check interior dimensions at a car review web site and then go test sit in a showroom. Whether you want a new or used vehicle, this can still help narrow the list. At, pick a vehicle the click on “Features and Specs”. Next page down to the interior dimensions.

It’s more complicated than simply width. The sport seats in my son’s A4 aren’t any narrower than my Scion, but I have all I can do to get in and out of them because of (1) the side bolsters, and (2) the B-pillars. Oh, and (3) my back. My back is probably the real root of the problem.

Anyway, the comfort of seats is a highly personal thing, and the days of big plush seats is long gone, so the only way to tell is to sit.

I remember Tom and Ray saying that Daniel Pinkwater who is circumferentialy challenged found the VW new Beetle comfortable. Of course it has been revamped since then but worth a try.