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Best driver seat for tall folk (with bad knees)?

I’m looking for the most comfortable driver seat vehicle. I’m fairly tall and slightly wide-shouldered with bad knees.
• Tall height between floor board and seat cushion.
• Long front-to-back seat cushion.
• No shoulder hugging seat back wings.
• Tall enough windshield and enough head room so I don’t need to lean forward to see traffic lights.
• Decent ground clearance so getting in easy on the knees.
• Bonus points for all the above without getting into full size trucks and SUVs (and semis, busses …tanks, etc.)

Thanks, everyone

CUVs often have pretty good headroom, I’d look at the Rav4, CR-V, Forester, Soul, etc.

You have so many requirements that it would almost be impossible to recommend a vehicle. Also your location is unknown ( US or elsewhere ) . If you are looking at new within the next few months there may be a new vehicle show near you so you can try various vehicles on for size. You can also look at the manufacture web sites and build your own vehicle and see the specs and prices. You did not give a price range so I recommend a Bentley .

My dad’s needs aren’t that much different and he’s looking primarily at small cuv’s such as the Rav4 or another CRV but as with when we were searching for a car for mom you’ll probably know if the vehicle will work for you or not just by sitting in one at the dealership. Kia Soul might just meet your needs but you’d need to try one out and decide.

Thanks for the quick replies! Will try to address some stuff y’all mentioned…
Market: I’m in the U.S. - California.
Price range: At this point, I’d be interested in just knowing if such a vehicle exists (even if it’s a Bentley : ) re: VOLVO_V70 below). But I’ll take as much as I can get off my wish list. Realistically, I’d like to spend less than $25k, so something used.
Year range: any.
Tried so far, excluding full-size truck bases: Rav-4, CRV, Pilot, Soul, xB, C-Max, Leaf, MKX, Edge, Escape, Explorer, Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, Forester, probably some others I’m forgetting.
C-Max and CR-V were the most comfortable out of those.
Most comfortable I can remember: '91 F350 with a custom captain’s chair. '77 MGB surprisingly, because the seat was so close to floor board that I could basically keep my legs straight. But these are obviously too big and too small/unreliable respectively.
Most recently got interested in 91 Mitsubishi Montero, late 90s Montero Sports, and used Volvo and VW SUVs, but haven’t had a chance to sit in any yet.

We have a 2017 Rav 4, I am not as tall as you but I can say I would not recommend it for you. I think if you do not mind a pickup truck you might look at those.

A friend and a relative’s wives both wanted good seats with a higher level to get in rather than “falling in”. They both got Toyota RAV 4s and are very happy.

i can say i do not like driving a suv after many years of sedans
i hate the tippy sensation in wide sweeping curves. it must exist if i feel it
got rid of our minivan 10yrs ago and i rarely drove it. maybe it did the same
i always have set my seat to the lowest it will go. sedans and vans and suvs
even our civic. i have it on as low as possible
i do like it that most new cars have height adjustment even for manual seats

This question is the same as asking which company makes shoes that you will fit. But, I can say that in my experience the most accommodating front seats I’ve ever found were in minivans. Yes, I’ve heard all the whining and complaining about minivans, but they are without question the best use of space of any vehicle on the road and they have a combination of large doors, low floors and great headroom, with a seat that lets you sit up straight like a kitchen chair or lounge back if that suits you.

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