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Vehicle Size Class

Okay, so I see lots of people have asked about how to move a seat track. My question is more general.

How in the world do you measure all those dimensions in vehicle classifications; headroom, shoulder room, and legroom. It sounds kind of like buying a pair of pants or a sport coat. At least with those things, you know where to put the tape measure.

Do I measure from the seat back, the dash board, the ceiling? If can figure this out I’ll know how I can fit in to a fuel economy car (6’ 2", 200#).

Thanks, for a great program.


Your best option would be to just go around and try everything out for size, like you would a pair of shoes.

I can never tell my the posted measurements. I have to sit in the vehicle. And it’s NOT necessarily what the measurements are, but also their relationship to each other. With the Dodge Omni I could put the seat back all the way and have more then enough leg room…HOWEVER…I then had to lean very far forward to reach the steering wheel…VERY VERY poor design if you ask me. Someone would have to be 6’10" with only a 34" inseam to find that seat position comfortable.

You seem so normal that I wouldn’t worry about it at all. Most cars have seat height and rake adjustments in addition to leg length. Pick a few cars that you like and see if the seating is comfortable. A power driver’s seat is especially good for accommodating just about any body features you might have.

Well to be honest, I’m considering a Jeep and the forum postings often ask about moving the seat tracks. Seems to me the knee-to-dashboard clearance on the traditional Wranglers is pretty tight. I haven’t found any 4-doors to try out yet. I’m actually thinking the 4-door rubicon might be a good choice.

The Grand Cherokee has a lot of legroom. We used to have a few of those at work…
But as already suggested, I wouldn’t make any assumptions from postings on the websites. Try one and see. The guys in the posts you read may have legs totally out of proportion to their height.

All SUVs have a lot of transmission intruding into the cabin. Do you need a SUV? A FWD car will have more room and be better in every other respect apart from managing snow and off road.

It’s not just leg room, but overall feel, so you will need to try everything and drive them all too…

A lot depends on how the seats adjust and how you are proportioned. I am about 6’-1" but my legs aren’t real long. My little Versa, being sort of a tall car, is very comfortable for me as I can sit up straight, and everything is where I need it to be. My Odyssey is a much bigger vehicle but the seat back, even at it’s highest position, is too reclined. Because of the excess seat back angle, my tailbone hurts like hell during long trips. I’d prefer taking the Versa, but the Odyssey leaves more space between the kids when the whole family is along.