Cars run on H 2o


Has anyone heard how a car or truck can run on H20 orHHO. THEY SAY THEIR IS A KIT TO HELP?


You’ve got to be kidding. You’ve been around here long enough to have seen the scads of threads started about this total scam.


I got an idea…Why don’t you WASTE your time and money and buy it. Then report back.


I am new to this forum (under 2 months) and I have seen the same kind of posts by waldo45 before. Give it up Waldo


Top Gear went as far as to test one:


Bscar! How the heck did you do that???
Detailed instructions, please!


I want one.


The car runs on a fuel cell. The source for the hydrogen could be sea water or a number of other compounds, but this cars’ tank is filled with hydrogen, not water. I think the hydrogen and fuel cell folks gloss over the very important problem of where this fuel will come from. Still no free lunch. I want one too!


The YouTube vidio that Top Gear posted was interesting but I don’t think it answered the question exactly. If you Google alternative fuels you’ll find several web sites that feature conversion kits that mount to gasoline engines and inject hydrogen from electrolited water into the engine similar to the way nitrous oxide is. A popular conversion car for these devices seems to be the Ford Escort. One of the YouTube vidios I watched featured a device that cost $150. Tempting to try but I’m skeptical.