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Car's ignition locked

my car’s ignition is locked.Car’s battery is flat and they have towed the car down the block a few meters. I could turn on the key in the ignition before the towing but not any longer. Does this have anything to do with the towing? Would recharging the battery help?appreciate your help.

Try turning the steering wheel a bit. My ignition will not turn occasionally and moving the steering wheel a bit takes care of it. When your car was towed the wheels may have moved when the car was lowered causing the steering wheel to move and jam up the switch.

Steve is right’ turning the steering wheel from side to side can often loosen the key. I had this happen to me at a gas pump at Sears on a Sunday in Duluth, Minnesota. Unfortunately the cheap aluminum key of my Mercury Comet broke off and the piece stayed in the lock. It meant towing the car to a local shop, and spending 3 days in the Duluth Hoiliday Inn since the Ford Parts guys were on strike. We saw a lot of Duluth, the “Air-conditioned City”!!

Thanx a mill Steve. Tried your suggestion and it worked. All the best 2 u.

Thanx Docnick.U and Steve were both right. I tried the suggestion and it worked. Wishing u a great day.