Car's switch locked

My car’s Mazda RX-8. The battery is flat.The car was left outdoors for over 2.5 months. They also towed it few meters down the same block!I could turn the switch before with no reaction due to flat battery. However, and after towing I noticed the switch is locked.

Has this got anything to do with the towing at all? Would charging the battery get rid of this problem? Appreciate your help.

How was the car towed? Was it unlocked, placed in neutral, and towed, or was it dragged down the street?

Have you tried turning the steering wheel from side to side as you turn the key?

Most likely dragged for it wasn’t in neutral-at least not by me! The handbrake was off for sure. I did try turning the steering wheel but it was locked too. Didn’t want to force it. Notice this car has heavy duty 18inch wheels.