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Cars for short people

I’ve been looking at small hatchbacks with good fuel economy but have been unable to find one that doesn’t have a headrest that juts forward. Leaning back into the seat forces my chin into my chest; I end up driving as if I’m sitting on a stool. Any cars/solutions out there?

Scion tC.

Only suggestion, and maybe you’ve tried…Honda models tended to be more friendly to my shorter family members.

Sorry, I should have said 5 door, need to access a baby seat. Tried the scion xD and it’s seats are less uncomfortable than the fit’s but I still wouldn’t want to ever have to drive more than a mile or so.

I’m 5’8" and I fit in my VW NB quite nicely.

Having said that. I suspect the large part of the problem is the adjustment of the head restraint . It is NOT a headrest. It is there for your protection in an accident, not comfort, Read the owner’s manual about adjustment. At least on my car, it is not what I expected, but after I followed the instructions, I was comfortable.

Surprisingly, some of the bigger cars/trucks/SUVs we’ve had, had better adjustments than smaller. 5’1" wife and me (6’2") are both very comfortable driving our 4 Runner with multiple seat adjustments. Vans are made for shorter housewives. Don’t restrict yourself to smaller vehicles if comfort is that big an issue.
Economy may have to take a “back seat”.