Finding a car that fits me

I’m shopping for a new, or new-to-me car but am having trouble finding one that fits me. I’m looking at small SUV’s and wagons but I find that they all have head rests that tilt so far forward that I’m bent into a pretzel and ready to leap, screaming, out of the car after 10 minutes of driving. Any suggestions as to cars I should consider or, better yet, replacement head rests? BTW, I’m a 5’5" senior with short arms and legs.



May I suggest that you don’t call them head rest and call them head restraints. Check the instructions in the owner’s manual and see how they are suppose to be adjusted. They really are not there for comfort and in normal driving your head should not even touch them.

If you move the seat forward, and tilt the seatback further back, then the head restraint will be further back and out of the way. You could then use a seat back cushion to get further away from the head resraint. My mother -in-law did just that and is quite happy now.

Most cars have the same layout since there are federal rules for their installation.

My mom is your height and she had the same problem when shopping for a car. We tried several small cars and small SUVs and she had the same issue. Maybe a car or wagon with adjustable pedals and multi-position seat adjustments would enable you to find a comfortable driving position?

Good suggestions, and the later model Tauruses and Sables had those features.

I spent 4 hours today test driving cars. I think power seats are what I need but I’m going to try bringing a back cushion along on my next test drive excursion.