Cars for seniors

I am a woman in a 70+ body with a 50 yr.old attitude.I am driving a 2007 Nissan Qwest.I no longer need a car this size but I like sitting at the height it offers.I want a smaller,safe car ,SUV,crossover.I want good rear and right side visibility plus the seat height. Any ideas for a good “SENIOR” car? Under $25,000.

My Grandparents have driven Ford Crown Vics/Grand Marquis exclusively since the 1970’s.

If you want to sit higher than you do in a Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis, try the seating in the new design Ford Taurus. Additionally, the Taurus is one of the safest cars on the road and has great visibility all around.

Toyota Rav4 and Honda CRV are worth a look, get them with front wheel drive.

I would go for a Toyota Matrix, easy to drive, nice high seats, tons of hauling room with the backseat down, and totally reliable and economical. My brother who is retired, has one and it does everything they want.

I suggest doing some shopping. Comfort is a very personal thing. My choice may not be anywhere close to yours. Remember most car seats offer may adjustments so try a few out. Don’t eliminate small cars just because you assume they don’t have seats you will like, try them out.

Remember four door cars will be easier to get in and out of than two door.  The doors are smaller since they don't need to cover space for the back seat and they often are hinged so you have more entry space.

I think the small SUVs are very much like the Quest as far as size and gas mileage. joaney, find cars in the size range you like and take one with power seats out for a test drive. The power seat should allow you to raise the seat as well as move it forward and back. Raise it it’s highest level where you can reach the pedals and go for a test drive. It won’t be like your van; only and SUV or van will sit that high. If you find one you like, you’ve got your winner.

Agreed. My grandfather looked at the Five-Hundred before he bought his latest CV. He liked the seating position an and the roominess, but he thought it looked too sporty (huh?) and the fact that it was FWD was deal breaker.

Second the CRV, older pre 06 smaller RAV 4, both preferred by women drivers we know for their convenience safety and practicality.

Give the Escape/Mariner a look

Thanks but still too big–doesn’t ride high enough.

I’d start by getting a Consumer Reports New Car Buyers’ Guide at the local bookstore. That’ll show you everything available, give you some information to compare, and then yuo can test drive the ones that look enticing to you.

“Thanks but still too big–doesn’t ride high enough.”

It sounds like you want an unsafe car. I’m sure that you aren’t aware that it’s unsafe, but a high center of gravity in a small package reduces rollover resistance and makes the car generally difficult to control. I attached a picture of a Suzuki Vitara to show you high and small. They stopped making them in 2003.

The Honda CRV would be best for you.