A good new car for my elderly aunt and uncle

My aunt and uncle, both 87, want to buy a new car. They like their Acura but it’s a little hard for my aunt to get in and out of. What’s a car of similar comfort and reliability that’s easier for a small, frail old lady to get in and out of?

Honda CRV, Toyota Rav4, that type of thing.

Toyota Avalon.

Drive them around to different dealerships and have them try each one out…our suggests are just that…need actual hands on experience to make sure they are comfortable not only getting in and out but in the seats behind the wheel. Have them check out visibility as well.

I’ll second this statement. A minivan or compact SUV like the Escape, CRV, etc. will probably be best.

Mazda 5

My Dad (75 years young) moved up from a 2003 Taurus to a 2007 Ford 500 (aka Taurus). He has a much easier time getting in and out of the 500 and finds it more comfortable. Probably not as reliable as an Acura, but he only puts about 5-6k a year on a car.

Ed B.

If they like their Acura, have them try an RDX. It’s the same size as a CRV, but it has the Acura goodies in it.

I think the only way to answer this one is to visit dealers and have your aunt try out the cars in the showroom. My guess is that a car that sits low is more difficult for her. That would rule out a Honda Civic perhaps.

It seems to me the Ford Fusion and Toyota Camry sit a bit higher than some other cars, like the Honda Accord. Buicks have always been favorites of older drivers and perhaps the Buick showroom should be on your list to visit.

Ford Taurus. Or Lincoln MKS for more luxury. Another choice is the Lexus ES or Acura RL.

It also has a turbo charged engine in it. Would you want that kind of complexity for an elderly relative? Might as well advise them to buy a CX-7 in Touring or Grad Touring trim, though the Sport and SV have the 2.5L engine lifted from the Mazda 3/6

It’s a turbo, not nitrous. As long as they don’t skip oil changes, they’ll be fine. It’s designed for daily driving and will hold up just fine under pretty much anything they do with the car.

The vehicles you agreed with all have stability control, ABS, traction control, chipped keys, and one has VTEC. All of those systems are much more complex than a simple factory turbo.

Acura makes (or Honda under that name) an SUV that could fill the bill. They’ll retain that Honda/Acura design philosophy they seem to like in a design that works for them.

Why ask? Take your aunt and uncle to various dealers or even used car lots to try a few out. You may soon find what can work. That could be a fun day for all of you. It may be that a vehicle with higher seats relative to the ground but not too high will do.

As others have suggested, the absolute best source of an answer to your question is your aunt herself. Take them out for a few visits to showrooms. I’lll bet you’ll have fun.

It requires more diligent maintenance than normal engines. My manual recommends allowing the engine to idle for 30 seconds or longer if I was rigorous in running the engine. Getting in that habit wasn’t that difficult for me, but for some it might be.