Geriatric set

which car would you recommend for a very youthful senior citizen who thinks your opinion is important. good visibility is a # 1 concern.

Thank you very much

Well, I am a geezer and I have a Toyota Sienna minivan and a Toyota 4Runner. I like the visibility and I like sitting up high. When I have had to drive cars from the fleet at our institution, I always feel as if I am riding in a bathtub. When I no longer need to minivan to carry people and musical instruments, I think I will get a pickup truck.

thank you fellow geezer. a help!

Your welcome! I’ll be taking my Geritol and heading off to bed now.

City buses have great visibility and you get to look while someone else is driving.


All cars have varying blind spots in them. What may have good visibility for some, will be poor for others. The only real way to tell is to hop in anything and everything you can find to figure it out.

If you are not too tall and the vehicle seat has no vertical position adjustment, I suggest that you visit a wheelchair/health appliance store to get a wheelchair cushion to raise your sitting position in the vehicle and to provide a softer ride as a bonus.

I use one on our riding lawnmower and can go much faster with the cushion.

PS, I want to point out that faster is possible with the cushion because of bumpy ground.

I use one on our riding lawnmower and can go much faster with the cushion.

I use a push type mower because I can see better where I am going when I am standing up (and Mrs. Triedaq won’t let me buy a riding mower).

Ford Crown Vic/Merc Grand Marquis.

All the other recommendations are excellent for senior citizens, but not a youthful one. Convertibles have excellent visibility. What about a Corvette convertible?

now there’s an idea…but you city buses where we live.

I no longer drive,having left my Silverado back in the Bayou.I’ve discovered Metro LNG fueled busses.Trains are affordable,fun and accomodate my bicycle which has an Electric motor to extend my range ;helpful once I get out of breath.I shall not go quietly into That Goodnight.


Mini Cooper convertible. You can take the grandkids with you
Nothing says “Viagra” like an older person getting out of a Corvette(or Porsche for that matter), especially the convertible. :stuck_out_tongue:

What if unique is a woman?

And are you accusing Colin Powell of dressing like Mr. T when he drives his Corvette?