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Cars by SEAT

Here in Mexico I see SEAT model cars, from Spain. I never paid much attention, but today decided to find out about them.

SEAT, pronounced more or less Say-Aht, as in Spanish, is a subsidiary of VW. Spain is said by Wiki to be the 8th biggest car producer in the world, with a total of 16 million produced, running up to 500,000 SEATS a year.

The company was formed around 1950, and for some years was a partner of FIAT.

I don’t know how expensive they are or how good they are. Personally, the connections with VW and FIAT would deter me. But, I see quite a few of them. Repair labor is much less here, so the need for reliable cars that we have in the US with labor running often over $100 an hour, is less important.

The owners of SEAT cars seem to be happy with them, which is of prime importance. There is often one parked within 20 feet of my driveway.

I note with interest that the Vehicle Make slot does not list SEAT, nor does it let me type it in. Not that it matters much for discussion.

I’ve heard of the company. I always assumed they sold mostly rebadged VWs.

Agree. VW picked up SEAT and Skoda, a Chech company at the end of the USSR. Both are a cheaper version of regular VWs and sell at a discount.

A friend of ours living in Wales has a Skoda Octavio which is a dressed down VW Golf.


Lots of SEAT Golfs and Jettas in Spain. Same thing with Scodas in the Czech Republic.

Never heard of SEAT but whatever country we were in, they told us if you want a VW, just get a Skioda instead. Same drive train and components but thousands cheaper.

Yes, SEAT uses VW platforms and engines but has less content to make them cheaper. Perfectly nice cars.

The last time I was in Europe, I stood behind an indignant man at the car rental counter that dressed down the agent, then got a barely adequate Seat. I was very nice to the agent and got a BMW.

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It always pays to be nice and dress well but not extravagantly. When on holidays I always order the least expensive car with air. They usually don’t have too many of those and the last 6 rentals I got an upgrade to a much nicer car for the same price.

Likewise at airports. Four times in the past I was upgraded to either Business Class or First Class by being well dressed and having a computer with me.

Economy Class is often overbooked, but Business or First seldom is. The staff then walk around the waiting room and pick those that will cause the least disturbance in the upgraded class.

I was dressed in (my) standard business attire: leather shoes, slacks, and a polo shirt.

I was in Spain this past summer and rode in quite a few Taxi’s. They were all either Seat’s or Priuses. I had to actually look it up because I would just see the S sign, initially thought they were Skoda’s but felt they were not because they were better built:)

I thought the cars were decent and esp putting it to work as a cab in big crowded cities was a testament to a certain degree. They were all stick shift (as most other cars there except the Prius), so I am not sure I would want one with an automatic.