CarMD diagnostic tool

Does anyone have any experience with the CarMD diagnostic tool (seen at If so, what is your opinion on it?

Go to AutoZone and get your codes read for free.

You can buy a scanner for less or many auto part stores will read the codes for free. Note: Knowing the code does not tell you how to correct the problem. It just points in the general direction.

If you find a code, comeback here and post the code (It will be in the format P1234) and we will try to help give you a better understanding of what it means. Don’t forget to tell us what kind of car you have, what you have observed about the problem and how old the car is and the mileage as well as any related history.

Generally it’s true that you can get a scanner cheaper. Except for Ferrarri. I was reading Jay Leno in Popular Mechanics last night. He wrote that Ferrarri has a special scanner…and it costs $25,000!

I agree with your post, just wanted to add the trivia.

If you can afford a Ferrari…


If you can afford the Fer…much less the rari

I would not be suprised if the new BMW scanner base station costs even more. You can take a head and hook it up to the car and the head is RF linked to the base station. This technology was available with their previous scanner but now it is new and improved.