Has anyone used the diagnosis too “carmd”? It seems reasonably priced and funtionaL.


autozone will do essentially the same thing for free. To me, it just looks like a code reader. If it weren’t for Autozone and other parts places doing this for free, then it would be a bargain as it costs about a $100 to get the same thing from a dealer.


It looks like an OBD-II reader. As keith said, you can just borrow one from an auto parts store near you like Auto Zone, Advance, or Pep Boys. Why pay $100 for something you can borrow? BTW, I’ve borrowed one from Advance. They were genuinely pleased to let me use it. After all, it often means a sale if you can figure out what the problem is.


I was camping at Death Valley when my check engine light came on. I did not have an OBD 11 reader so I took the chance that it was not anything serious and came on home. I bought an OBD 11 tester because I am often away from towns. I have had occasion to use it twice since then under similar circumstances. I have also had two occasions where I helped someone else out with it. In my opinion money well spent.