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Car MD Diagnostic Device

I rarely watch television but I recently saw an infomercial for an automotive diagnostic device called Car MD. As the individual who seems to have “Rip Me Off, I Don’t Know Jack About Cars” tattooed on my forehead, would this be a wise investment or save my money?

This is just a renamed OBD II scanner. It sells for $120. You can get your vehicle scanned for free at most large auto parts stores. The codes that are retrieved will not tell you the “exact” problem. That will still have to be determined by a knowledgeable mechanic and repaired. Save your money.

Using “Search” Reveals That We’ve Recently Covered This Question. Rather Than Beat A Dead Horse, Here’s The Link To Click.


If the assumption that you don’t know jack about cars is correct, then this is not at all likely to do you any good. The best way for you to get decent treatment is to ask around and find your best, local, independent, owner-operated repair shop. Then take your car to them for everything. Stay out of auto care chain type of operations and especially the quick-lube kinds of places.

If you do happen to be someone who does know something about cars, and you often do your own service and repair work then this has something to offer - though you can do better.