CarMax as a place to buy from

We are about to buy a 2017 Camry with 3000 miles from CarMax (if we don’t back out). Does anyone have experience with CarMax? One thing I really don’t like is that the price is set higher than other places by $1,000-$2,000 and they stick to their no haggling policy.

Maybe the $1000- $2000 is the profit they make on the vehicule

If you don’t like than don’t do it.

I have purchased a car from CarMax. I found their prices to be a touch high but not as high a some others. The buying experience was quite good. The main reason I bought from them is I could find the car I wanted with the options I wanted on their website and have it delivered a few hundred miles to my local store.

Thanks! That makes sense.

Back in 03 I bought a ford ranger from carmax, they had new car incentives, my new ranger was less than the used ones they could offer.

Interesting. They didn’t offer me any incentives!! Totally wouldn’t budge on the price. Thanks.

Carmax can’t offer you new car incentives if they don’t sell new cars.

Why should that surprise anyone . That is their business model so they can’t make it for some and not others.

The CarMax near me is a Toyota dealer.

I dont understand why someone would buy a 1 year old Camry. You can generally get better financing on a brand new one and the don’t depreciate enough to make buying the used one worthwhile. If I want a Toyota or Honda I will buy new. If I wanted a Chevy or Buick I would buy a 3 year old one.

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It’s because the 2018 style changed on the Camry, and I don’t like the exterior or interior!

Well, that is a good answer.

I still believe it is better to buy new with full warranty and lower finance rates then a year old vehicle ( I always wonder why it is on the lot so soon ) . The other question is why only Camry , why not live life on the edge and try something else.

I want to go with a car I’m familiar and comfortable with. Thanks for writing.

I bought a 1 year old Matrix /w 8,700 miles. $4,000 less than a new one.
Paid cash, so financing moot.