Dealer reviews - true or....false

Hi All…I am in the process of buying a new car = nightmare! Part of my due diligence is researching dealer review posts of various sites. I can deal with a number of different dealers since I drive up and down a major interstate frequently. Usually what I find are just a few consumer reviews for most dealers with the exception of one. For that shop there are probably close to 100!! All very positive. Do you think these are legit? I find myself wondering if the sales force makes up usernames and posts them!! Am I too cynical???

I would find that very odd also and would be equally cynical.

I think your theory is correct, and the posts are fake. Buy on price. You can take the car to any dealer for warranty work.

I also would tend to believe that anything generated by the Dealer to be greatly self serving.

I have a similar feeling about ratings by the BBB, self serving for business.

One of the biggest loud mouths on TV comes too his ignoramus friends aid by saying "they must be legit, they are rated A+ by the BBB. he feels all that is needed to ascertain a companies honesty is a postive rating by the BBB.

My personal experience is the experience widely varies on day, sales staff working, motivation to sell, and phase of the moon. I have purchased a car very happy from a poorly rated dealer and had a bad transaction at well rated on.

I would go in understanding what you expect to pay. See how the transaction goes and just walk out when you are not comfortable. If you have already honed into a vehicle you can use the internet sales department or phone and ask for quotes. This saves oodles of time.

Ask coworkers who they had good and bad times with. They’ll likely be a better source on information than the random internet folks

If the “fake” reviews were generated from a computer at the dealership then those can be traced back to the dealership, therefore ficticuos.