Changes in AAP since the merger...or just my imagination

I’ve been doing business with Advance Auto for a while. As you no doubt know, they acquired CarQuest not too long ago. Recently, it seems like they have much less local stock, and are pushing for “to my front door” delivery. Before, they would have plenty of stock at the local warehouse and have it shipped out to the local store overnight; anymore, it seems like there is meager selection locally, and they’re hot and bothered to UPS it to my house.

Seems to me, AAP wants to split the business; compete against NAPA for the pro work, and take on the onlines for the DIYer. Any truth to this rumor, or am I just drawing unwarranted conclusions from coincidence? I might have to re-think my business!

Of those two, all we’ve ever had is Car Quest and I’ve seen no change in the business model nor the parts packaging.
Of course, I’m a Ford dealer repair shop that uses their delivery service.
So…I don’t know if there’s corperate changes that are being absorbed by the local franchisee or if you’re seeing a side that I won’t.

It’s probably coincidence, and more likely related to the success of online-only stores like Rock Auto. You can probably have it shipped directly to you or your local store, if you prefer.

^If that option exists, it requires somebody with more computer savvy than I to do it. I DO know that AAP changed their rewards program around just after the merger. It would stink if they started downsizing their local warehouses in favor of a larger, national warehouse and UPS–usually I can get anything from “PDQ” in a half a day.

I don’t know how many warehouses they have now, but regional warehouses make sense. I imagine there would be one in Virginia, since that is where the headquarters is. This warehouse could easily serve SWPA and deliveries should be overnight to your local stor or you, @meanjoe75fan. I imagine they would use parcel post rather than their own fleet anyway.