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Carlos Ghosn & Nissan

‘He [Carlos Ghosn] closed factories, slashed suppliers, laid off 14 percent of the work force and invested in design. Six years later, Nissan had surpassed Honda to become Japan’s No. 2 automaker, its market capitalization had quintupled and its operating margin had risen tenfold. Altima sedans, Titan pickup trucks and Murano S.U.V.s made Nissan a major player in the United States market - an achievement that Wall Street once deemed impossible.’

Carlos is a brilliant CEO. Once considered by many to be able to save GM from itself. Certainly brought together 3 faltering companies, Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, to form one of the largest car companies.

I don’t know how he got himself into the mess he is in. I suspect his way out is to write a very large check.

he closed plants and their current production went up? he made more cars with fewer people? 14000 fewer people? their labor/car ratio must really have improved

Yes, productivity improvement means higher output per manhour without compromising quality. The Nissan plant in Sunderland, England is the most productive car plant in Europe!

Carlos was born in Brazil and is a multi-cultural, multinational person. He understands the total global auto market, something that eluded GM.

The person currently running Chrysler-Fiat has a similar background.

I really am not impressed with someone who feels he has to cheat like this guy seems to have done. If he’s so good at the job, and gets paid a crazy huge salary, then that should be enough. What the heck does he need with more and more and more money? People that behave this way are contemptible.

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