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Former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn

… is now a fugitive from justice.


So he leaves Japan on an alternate passport in a different name and arrives in a country with no extradition to Japan. Yup, money will help that… a lot.

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From what I hear, Japan has a staggeringly high conviction rate . . . and there are also grumblings that guilt is presumed, rather than some other countries where the prosecution must actually make its case

Could be Ghosn had legitimate concerns he would be subjected to a sham trial

I don’t know about anybody else, I but I got some satisfaction from the fact that his escape made the legal system and his opponents look like a bunch of fools :smiling_imp:

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I really don’t have an opinion on his guilt but it sure seemed like they were being a little unfair in their charges. So who wouldn’t want to escape a foreign country that prevented visits with you wife, kept you under guard for months, and with a very bleak long term outlook? Back to his country of youth with no extradition treaty. Yeah I kind of cheered his escape. It’d make a good movie. Now I’d like to see Julian do the same thing from the Brits instead of a slow death. Oh, the stories he must know.

Pretty amazing. I wonder if he consulted with the Saudi government about how to get a body out of a secure building.

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My favorite part - Ghosn’s lawyer in Japan was “shocked” to find out that Lebanon didn’t have extradition with Japan…

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lebanon does not extradite citizens to other countries. but, i figure carlos will get bored in lebanon. but its better than prison in japan

My favorite part is that he apparently escaped by smuggling himself out of the country in a double bass case.

Sounds like a musician plot that @Triedaq might hatch. :wink:


“My favorite part is that he apparently escaped by smuggling himself out of the country in a double bass case.”

Well, at least he didn’t have to resort to violins… :smirk:

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He doesn’t have to stay there. He can travel to any country that doesn’t extradite people to Japan. He can really go anywhere as long as he doesn’t get caught. With a fake ID, he might get away with it.

There are agencies that are available to track Carlos Ghosn down. All the Japanese government has to do is make contact with the alumni office of any college or university. For a donation, these agencies will track anybody down. Then the Japanese government can smuggle him back out of Lebanon.


Brazil doesn’t extradite those convicted of economic crimes.

I would be ecstatic if he were stuck in a supermax prison :smiling_imp:

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