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does anyone have carfax…if so look up this Vin plzz 1G3NL52T4YC365437

Let’s assume someone here does have unlimited carfax access and is willing to use it for your car. If they run a report for you and it comes up clean, how will that help you?

if it comes up clean then it comes up clean, but it wont, theres 12 reports on it and i already know what a few are, and i need the rest of them. so if someone could look it up for me and let me know the full report that would be great.

If you are really interested in this car, spend the few dollars for a one-time Carfax report.

I haven’t used Carfax, but 12 reports sounds like a lot. I would hope they aren’t all accident reports.

Keep in mind that Carfax and only report to you what has been reported to them. You can bet there are more things not reported to Carfax than are reported.

Mcparadise worded it perfectly above.