Can someone run a car fax for me please

The vin is: JNKAY01F66M265523

Thanks if anyone actually runs it for me

If you found this site, you should be able to find the car fax site.

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For $39.99 I’ll run it for you.


The problem with sites like Carfax is that the cost to run a single report is so absurdly expensive that it’s just not worth it. While I would be interested to see the history of cars that I own, I would never agree to pay the $30+ that they charge to see it.

I’m going to guess this is a private sale since dealerships and used car places usually throw the Carfax in for free. Save your money and put it towards a thorough inspection of the prospective car completed by your mechanic. That’s worth way more than a Carfax report


On that, there’s a new scam running around that I discovered a month ago when selling my Acura. The scammer will pretend to be interested in the car, ask a few questions about it, then ask for the vehicle history report, and if you don’t have one they just happen to know a company that generates them they’ve dealt with and could you run your VIN through them to get the report?

Of course, the scammer is the guy running that company and he’s just trying to get you to give him money. Selling cars has become so obnoxious that I will seriously consider trading mine in next time just to avoid the hassle. I got 3 legit inquiries on my car before I finally sold it, and about 25 scam artists.

There’s always a new scam :roll_eyes: I don’t blame you for considering trading in next time, 3:25 ratio isn’t worth your time

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That is about the same thing my neighbor got when trying to sell his vehicle . He just gave up and traded it in .

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And I forgot to mention that two of those inquiries were from my wife’s office when she posted it to their internal bulletin board, and the 3rd was my next door neighbor who is now driving my old car. :wink:

Just running the VIN through google turns up a past salvage auction. Front and rear damage.

I should have made this clear earlier, this is my vehicle, and no I have no idea what your looking at cause it’s never been in an accident or salvage. It was purchased back in like 2012 at car max by my father and I purchased it about 3 months ago. I’m curious cause I just want to know the history of the car. It’s a totally clean title, I have a job lmfao just trying to save the dough lol. Maybe Carmax gave us a report but I have no idea where it is. I guess I’ll just run it on my own sorry haha

Just put the VIN in google and you will see the same info. Besides this has been in the family since 2012 so why do you even care . And since many of us don’t speak text and don’t in tend to learn I have no idea what ( IMFAO ) means.

If you look close, the page that says “COLLISION Damage” has a different VIN from OP’s. Web designers often do that to trick you into clicking to their page even though the information isn’t relevant to your search.