Question about carfax

This might be a stupid question but if I pay for a carfax now even though I’m not selling the car will the carfax be updated, or will I have to pay again for the new updates car fax

My experience is you pay to get the report and print it. That’s it unless they give you a 30 day access or something. They aren’t going to send you updates.

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Why do you want one now. Besides it is not an accurate history . Carfax only has what is reported to them and not all shops report to them.

Is this the 2006 Infinity ? At that age if someone wants to buy it let them waste 39.99 for the report . If you trade it a car lot they will just wholesale it and won’t care about a Carfax . I guess this has been in your family since 2012 so that is all the history you need.

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I’m sure most car lots that use carfax have an annual subscription.

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When a friend was looking for a newer car I was asked to assist and although it was rare several vehicles including the one she bought had receipts in the owners manual pouch. While my fried drove around I looked through the bundle and found that the prior owner bought the car new, was a school teacher who commuted 21 miles to work and religiously had the oil changed every 6 months. At just over 90k miles the front brakes were replaced along with 1 CV axle and within a month of those repairs the car was traded in. The car turned out to be a bargain. My friend had the amount she was offering in an envelope in $100 bills and got up 3 times to pick up the money and leave but she won. Often a great deal more can be found looking around in a car than can be found on Carfax.

Those papers should have been removed from the vehicle before being offered for sale.

Names, addresses, phone numbers, financial information etc. are considered to be “Non public information”, leaving this in the vehicle is a violation of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley act and can result in large fines. That is why you will rarely find maintenance history in vehicles sold by dealers today.

I bought my 86 Riv from a private party but in the owner’s manual was information on the first person that owned it and ordered it. I hope the nice guy I bought it from didn’t go to jail. Like I said, I just keep a notebook with all maintenance and repair history on my cars, with date, mileage, cost, etc. When I trade, the originals go into a history file but I did make a copy for the dealer if they wanted it. The guy took it but I think it went in the circular file as soon as I left. I thought 5000 mile oil changes and 30K transmission fluid changes would be interesting to a potential buyer. Guess not. Guess they’d rather just puff it up. So to them a car that had 10K oil changes vs. 5K is just the same? I guess another reason to just buy new and keep it longer or from a respected original owner.

Ah okay thank you

We traded in a vehicle that had the timing belt changed about a year before . So that the next owner would know that the dealer rep cut our name and address from the paper work and only left where and when it was done.

Such records are rarely in cars these days but I always look and often find some receipts and occasionally get lucky and find a file neatly tucked in the glove box. That particular car turned out to be a great deal. People who keep their paper work in order usually keep their vehicles mechanically in order.

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