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CARFAX and Autocheck reports

Has anyone done a detailed comparison of carfax reprots and autocheck reports ?

or even carproof reports?

there is a big difference in price, but what about value and information?


I have only anecdotal info - I was recently on the used market and went w/ Autocheck (unlimited 30 day or whatever it was). It started w/ autocheck being cheaper. I searched around on the web and found nothing to suggest that it wasn’t as good as carfax. In fact I more often saw comments that it might catch more things than carfax.

I later heard from a used car rep at a local auto group that they’d dropped carfax & went to autocheck b/c they’d ended up selling a bunch of flood damage cars - carfax didn’t show the info, but autocheck did.

I later ran a check on a van I was looking at - found frame damage - got huffy with the dealer who told me it was “clean” - turns out carfax didn’t have the report.

All told - anecdotal, but I’d trust autocheck over carfax based on that.

One last item - I’ve been surprised to see occasional reference to vehicle service info on these reports. I must have pulled about 80 of them and never once saw a shred about service - what you reliably get on these is basically official/legal info form the state. Anything else will be completely hit or miss and mostly miss.

Just a question for you,Do you think a record of all auto repair (body and mechanical) should be maintained in a data base that the public could access?

Everytime a shop did any work a report was generated and stored,or maybe Public access to the Dealers warranty records,what legal barriers prevent this? I see good and bad from such as system.

It would probably be better if you got your carfax reports from the actual reputable site instead of the scam site you listed.