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Car won't turn over possible after market security system

I turned off my rav4 and now it won’t start… dealership said based on picture after market security system… contacted person purchased from but has no knowledge… no key fob… any suggestions?

Aftermarket systems have been a bain of may people, see about getting it removed.

How long have you had this vehicle ( please don’t say Craigslist ). Don’t understand statement about picture and after market security system. If it is a security system there should be a name to help find the web site for instructions for reset or removal.

What year is your RAV4? When you say the previous owner doesn’t know, is it that he doesn’t know anything about a security system? I take it that you don’t have a key fob, correct? Did the dealership tell you why they think you have an aftermarket security system? If so, what did they say?

3 months ago! That’s the picture the dealership is going off saying its,an aftermarket security system because of the red light…
Contacted the guy bought it from and he has no clue about a security system

2002 the previous owner has no idea of a security system… the Toyota dealership is basing their information off the red light in the picture…

I literally turned it off and now it won’t start… no noises just won’t turn over…