98 Rav4--Key wont turn past on

I have a 98 rav4 that wont start, but the key will turn to the on position and I can put the car into neutral. The steering wheel isnt locked. This happened once before, but after trying a few times it turned over.

Any suggestions? I’ve read mixed thinks about putting lubricants into the ignition.



Do you have a spare key? If so, try it. See what happens. Report back.

When did this happen before, and what did you do about it?

yeah… i’ve actually tried 4 or 5 keys. I got the car used and there was multiple spare keys.

My girlfriend told me this morning that the car wouldnt start so i let her drive my car. I got in it today, expecting to have to jump it (assumed that was the problem) but it started right up. I went to work, and when i left i had a bit of a problem starting it but after 3 or 4 tries it started right up. Leaving a gas station right after that, it wouldnt start… simply because the key wouldnt turn. I had someone bring me all the spare keys and all of them experienced the same problem. I spent 30 minutes trying different keys, turning the wheel, trying to start it in neutral, jumped the car, turned off and on the kill switch, still wouldnt start.


I’m going to suggest you need a new ignition switch.

If none of your keys work the problem must be in the switch.

There are two parts to the ignition switch, the mechanical part and the electrical part. Your problem seems to be in the mechanical part.

can a locksmith do that or should i go to a shop?

Try spray lube before changing switch.
Spray and turn take key out do it 3-4 times