2014 Toyota RAV4 - Won't start

wont start turns over put scaner on it wont let me in turn kek on no dash lights

Not a understandable post or even a question . If you want help meet people at least halfway so they can have an idea of what you need. There is no charge here for complete sentences’.

2014 rav 4 wont start turns over no dash lights

Does it sound like it is cranking at normal speed? If not, probably low battery. If cranking normally:
Try a starting fluid spray, if it starts, it is a fuel system problem.

Won’t start and can’t turn the key seems like a bad battery. How old is the battery? You can remove it and take it to an auto parts store. They will test t and tell you if it’s bad. Call the store first and make sure their battery tester works.

OP says it cranks. A cranking motor requires a good amount of power. Dead battery and cranking don’t seem to fit.

How is it cranking if you can’t turn the key on?

You know in your mind hat you are trying to ask, but we can’t read your mind.


Allow me to translate:

It cranks but won’t start.
I put a scanner on it but it won’t let me in.
When I turn the key on I get no dash lights.

Do dash lights work normally up until you crank the engine, then they disappear?

If the battery turns the starter over fast. the first thing I would do is check the fuses and relays. if you’re not getting power to your OBD port or dash lights it could be a blown fuse and/or bad relay