2015 RAV4 Won't Start (Video)

My RAV4 wouldn’t start this morning, here’s the video/sound below. What might it be? The last few start ups have been a little rough, like maybe the timing was off somehow, but it has been running smooth and the check engine light has not come on. Milage is about 105K


My Toyota does the same thing when the battery is discharged.Try to recharge it and see how it goes but since your battery is 6-7 year old, you might need a new one.

I’m not sure, I bought the car used from the dealer last year. I suppose I can’t assume the battery was new at that time. Could it be as simple as that? There was no dimming if dome or indicator lights, so I figured it wouldn’t be the battery. But I guess a bad battery responds differently than a dead battery.

Have the battery tested before buying a new one,



All lights will turn ON when the battery is discharged, there is not enough juice to start the engine though.Is the battery indicator light ON?

It is not.

I would definitely start by checking the battery. Check the connections and make sure they are clean and tight, and if that isn’t the issue, get it tested. That video sure makes me suspect a weak battery.


Sweet, hope so! Thanks y’all.

If the battery and the connections are good, another possibility is the starter. Toyota uses starters that, when they wear down the solenoid contacts, result in random (then frequent) no-starts. How many miles on the Rav4?

It’s got about 104K. I’ve gotten it to turn over a couple of times by keeping it cranked, but it’s not pretty.

Then that sounds like a battery or connection. If it turns over at all, but doesn’t start, it’s not likely the starter. But 100k is when my solenoid contacts went out.

They way the dash flashes like a pinball machine may be an indication of a bad BCM,