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Car Won't Start

Every 6 weeks my car, a 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt, won’t start. Key goes in half way and won’t go any further. Key won’t come out and it’s totally dead. Jump start it and it’s good for another 6 weeks or so. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?

If the key will only go in halfway, then how are your turning it to find out that the car is dead? Either the key will go in all the way so that you can turn it - or it won’t. Clarify as a stuck key and a dead car are two different things.

You can google “2007 cobalt key stuck in the ignition” If you have your manual you can find about a rubber panel on the bottom of the steering wheel and a button to push to release the key. The general theme seems to be it is an anti theft, resetting the ecm seems to work, but the underlying issue appears to be from a low battery condition. Get your battery tested, and maybe keep track of if the car has been sitting x number of days then it happens. Good luck