2005 Chevy Cobalt

My 2005 Chevy Cobalt is refusing to start on occasion. I turn the key, nothing. Its not the battery. I wait exactly 10 minutes and it starts no problem!
The dealer wants me to take it in only when this is happening but in 10 minutes the tow truck driver won’t even arrive. Does anyone know what is the problem? The computer?

It’s not cranking then? No grrrrrrrr sound? If so, and you’ve eliminate battery/connection problems already, the problem is likely from among the ignition switch, the neutral safety switch, or the starter selenoid. First thing to try would be a little jiggling of the gear selector (or the clutch pedal if a manual xmssion) to see if it will start then. If so, that’s likely the neutral safety switch. If not, then a mechanic would measure the voltage at both starter terminals during attempted cranking to decide between the other two.

Yes but why would it be always timed to exactly 10 minutes? It is always 10 minutes which leaves me to think of some computer/ security delay.

Yes, I agree, the 10 minutes is a little suspicous. It could indeed be some security feature a tad askew. But it could also be a thermal expansion of the starter selenoid contacts, ignition switch contacts, etc too. The first attempt warms them up, then 10 minutes later they’ve expanded enough to work. The voltage test above would be the first step to decide which of the possibilities it is that is causing your problem. You should also Google this, see if other Cobalt owners have this experience. Best of luck.

Thanks for the advice, I will take it to a mechanic and suggest this to him.