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Car wont start

my 1995 tbird just sat for a year i replaced the battery but when trying it it clicked it actually klunked i replaced the starter put a jump on it still klunked when trying to turn it the surpentine belt did move inches at a time what else can i try

Take the spark plugs out and put a wrench on the pulley. See if you can turn it manually first.
A year is a long time for a car to be sitting. Why didn’t you drive it?

lost my license if i can turn it then what

Remove the spark plugs and then try cranking the engine over. Also watch if any fluid squirts out of any of the spark plug holes.


The oil looks normal? It doesn’t smell like gas or has a weird ‘milk curdling-like’ look? There wasn’t anything wrong with the car when you parked it?

the car ran great when parked i just dont want to put it un a shop and get ripped i need to figure this out

A year shouldn’t be long enough to seize an engine, unless the car was badly neglected before it was parked. I suspect the starter is frozen up. But the advice to see if you can turn the engine by hand is good. If you can’t turn it, remove all of the spark plugs and squirt penetrating oil down in the spark plug holes. Let it soak for a day or two, then try turning the engine over with the plugs still out. You might have to do this a couple of times, and if the engine is this bad, you will likely have oil burning problems and possibly poor compression, even if you manage to get it unstuck. If you can get it unstuck, an oil change should be the first thing you do. A coolant change would be a good idea too.

flush out the old gas while your at it