1994 toyota celica engine locked up


The engine is locked up. It won’t turn or rotate manually.any suggestions


Any ideas why it is locked up? Has it been stored for a long time, did it just suddenly stop running while you were driving it???


You’ve given no info at all.

Buy it like this, sitting for years, run out of oil, knocking previously, etc.?
Is there oil in it now, and if so is it clean?

Buying a vehicle with a seized engine and fresh oil means someone was really grasping.


sorry, new to this forum. It wouldn’t start one evening. Husband got it started enough to get home. wouldn’t crank after that. sat for 4 months, changed out ignitor,changed battery. It would still turn over at least and try to crank.sat for another month and would not even turn over after that.It was having no problems up until that point.


This is a little netter, but still no where near enough info. There are lots of possibilities, including but not limited to something as simple as a corroded battery cable connection. The good news is that it turned over and tried to start with the new battery a few months ago. That means it isn’t locked up, and suggests that something like a cable connection is a good possibility.

But it really needs to be looked at hands-on.


I’ll second mountainbike. This sounds more like a battery or battery cable problem rather than an engine fault.