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Car won't start

I have a 2004 Sebring 2.4 car. The engine wont to turn over and i am getting no spark. A friend of mine said it could be the alternator or timing belt. I don’t think it is either one of those. I brought a new crank sensor but have not put it in yet. Anybody have any other ideas.? I was also told it could be the ignition module but i have no idea where it is located.

The first step to do on this kind of trouble is to make sure power is getting to the ignition system. If that checks out then check for any error codes that can provide clues to the trouble. Trouble with the alternator can’t cause this kind of problem. A broken timing belt or bad crank sensor can.

If its a broken timing belt will it still try to crank over?

How do you check power getting to ingintion system?

If it is a broken timing belt, the engine will crank faster because you will have no engine compression.

You say the engine doesn’t turn over, my perception of this is that when you turn the key to the start position nothing happens. Is this correct? If the engine is not turning over the first place I’d start is checking the battery terminals, grounding point, and connection at the starter to make sure everything is clean and tight. If all this checks out the starter would be another possibility. If the engine is turning over and just not firing the problem could be the crank sensor.

Starter relay, ballast resistor (if they still have those)… Please clarify your second sentence and add more detail.