Car won't start

My 2005 BMW 3 series won’t start. Dashboard lights go on. When key is turned the ignition does not make a sound. A good samaritan put my key into the door and kept it turned for 10 seconds and then the car started the next time I placed the key in the ignition. He said the key was not talking to the engine! I tried to repeat this the next time the car didn’t start and I could not get it to work. The car is sitting in my driveway unable to start. Any thoughts please?

if your key has a chip in it .the chip may be bad .

The chances of having a starter problem on a 2005 are pretty slim, so that makes the immobilizer circuit the prime suspect. I would first look at the key and the antenna.

Try your other keys - in particular, the master key. Try rebooting the system by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes.

You will probably end up at the dealer on this one. Hopefully you can find a dealer mechanic who will spend at least a little time checking out the system, though the service writer will no doubt write up the order as “replace all components related in any way to the immobilizer” which is the most profitable approach to solving the problem.

Thank you

^ I would add, that you should try and avoid the dealer if at all possible.
Search in your area for a BMW / European /Import specialized shop.

Try the links below to locate a reputable BMW mechanic in your area…

Is it still under warranty?

No. 2005. 109,000 miles.